Jean-Pierre Schober

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The main disadvantage of image retrieval systems is their lack of domain knowledge. Therefore a retrieval system has to focus on primitive features, as Eakins and Graham name them [3]. Due to the lack of background knowledge of the domain, the retrieval error rate is usually dissatisfying or the search options are limited to syntactic queries.(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the importance of intraoperative smear examinations for the final diagnosis of intracerebral stereotaxic procedures. 125 consecutive patients with suspect intracerebral lesions underwent stereotaxic frame-based biopsies after acquisition of computer tomographic and magnetic resonance images. After secondary image(More)
Large amount of images need an efficient way of retrieving them. The usual approach of manually annotating images and/or providing a syntactic retrieval capability lacks flexibility and comfort. The automatic annotation of images is a main target of the image retrieval community. These so called content−based image retrieval (CBIR) systems focus on(More)
37 consecutive patients with space-occupying intracerebral lesions were operated via frame-based stereotaxy. After CT-localizing of suspect lesions and computer-supported definition of entry and target coordinates a serial stereotactic biopsy was performed. Biopsy specimens allowed a satisfactory neuropathological examination and diagnostic result in 36(More)
Reported in this paper is a retrospective review of two-year survival of 280 patients with endometrial carcinoma, with 22 per cent of them having received additional progestagen therapy. Survival rates were more favourable in response to progestagen therapy, particularly in the context of advanced stages. The best results were achieved by individual(More)
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