Jean-Pierre Radoux

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An environment composed of different types of living tissues (such as the abdominal cavity) reveals a high complexity of boundary conditions, which are the attachments (e.g. connective tissues, ligaments) connecting different anatomical structures. Together with the material properties, the boundary conditions have a significant influence on the mechanical(More)
This article presents how various Formal Methods have been involved, rst on their own, then coupled, in the diierent steps of the industrial development of an embedded software for an electricity meter. Synchronized Transition Systems have been used to conceive and implement some Rendezvous mechanisms for the distributed kernel , and the physical link(More)
Human-Computer Interaction (HMI) is useful in sterile environments such as operating rooms (OR) where surgeons need to interact with images from scanners of organs on screens. Contamination issues may happen if the surgeon must touch a keyboard or the mouse. In order to reduce contamination and improve the interactions with the images without asking another(More)
Work described in this contribution focuses on error analysis in augmented reality (AR) systems. The tracking, the process of locating an object (e.g. fiducial marker) in an environment, is critical to the accuracy of AR applications as more realistic results can be obtained in the presence of accurate AR registration. This deals with 2D error estimations(More)
In this paper, we present the method used in the design and realization of a complex embedded real-time system, namely a control and monitoring system for an electricity meter. This is a concrete industrial project for which a set of \theoretical methods" and \formal tools" have been used, from the speciication step to the nal implementation and testing of(More)
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