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Experimental results obtained in a batch reactor are presented showing different fast dynamic phenomena. All measured OUR-profiles show a 'start-up' phase upon substrate addition. Neither the response time of the DO-electrode, the mixing characteristics in the reactor or the extracellular transport limitations could explain this behaviour. It is(More)
Introduction Promotors and transcription factors regulate gene expression in eukaryotes. Eukaryotic transcription factors are highly modular proteins that activate or inhibit the transcription of genes by binding simultaneously to a recognition sequence element on the DNA and to the transcription machine. Gibbs sampling is a stochastic process that looks(More)
In this paper two nonparametric tests for monotonic trend detection are compared with respect to their power and accuracy. The importance of comparing powers at equal empirical signiicance levels rather than nominal levels, is stressed. Therefore, an appropriate graphical method is presented. The eeect of the sampling frequency is also assessed using a(More)
An intuitively appealing lack-of-fit test to assess the adequacy of a regression model is introduced together with a graphical diagnostic tool. The graphical method itself includes a formal testing procedure , and, it is particularly useful to detect the location of lack-of-fit. The procedure is based on regional residuals, using subsets of the space of the(More)
Model-based scenario analysis with the ASM1 model was used to evaluate the effect of different process modifications on the biological nitrogen removal process for a specific case study (municipal wastewater treatment plant). Simulations showed that the construction of extra tank volume was needed to obtain the effluent standard of 15 mg N/l. However, the(More)
Recently extreme value statistics have been proved useful in environmental applications like the assessment of sea-levels, wind speeds and ozone concentrations. In this paper, after a brief overview of the statistical theory of extreme values, modelling issues are discussed with stress on applications in water quality management. Risk analysis procedures(More)
MOTIVATION Recently, De Neve et al. proposed a modification of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney (WMW) test for assessing differential expression based on RT-qPCR data. Their test, referred to as the unified WMW (uWMW) test, incorporates a robust and intuitive normalization and quantifies the probability that the expression from one treatment group exceeds the(More)
Classical approaches for analyzing reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) data commonly require normalization before assessing differential expression (DE). Normalization often has a substantial effect on the interpretation and validity of the subsequent analysis steps, but at the same time it causes a reduction in variance(More)
This project involves collecting didactic examples and datasets in the statistical field used for educational motives. Teachers often find it hard to come across good example datasets, accompanied with metadata of the collection procedure, the statistical methods used to analyze the data, which specific problems must be taken into account when conducting(More)