Jean-Pierre Lemort

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Malaria is assimilated with its cardinal symptom, i.e., fever. Treatment of fever with antimalarial drugs is crucial to the prevention of malaria-related death in Senegal. The objective of this study was to analyze fever-treatment practices as a basis for making realistic recommendations for self-treatment in the northern health district of Dakar, Senegal.(More)
Scintigraphic images are subject to two forms of imperfection: blurring due to the components of the detector (collimator, photomultiplier, analog processing devices) and noise resulting from radioactive disintegration. We use Wiener filters operating within a limited area of the spatial domain in processing these images. After defining statistical models(More)
More than 30 years after the legalization of contraception in France (Neuwirth law) it was interesting to access the sexual behavior and the practice of contraception of French female teenagers. It is with this purpose that this survey has been done in the city of Nantes in Loire Atlantique. 467 female teenagers, 13 to 21 years old, were concerned. Results(More)
The authors made a histopathological study of 53 haemorrhagic ulcers of the gastric mucosa of the dog, photocoagulated using an Argon laser apparatus (delivering a power of 6 watts at the tip of the fibre). Haemostasis was obtained in less than 10 sec. in all cases where photocoagulation was performed by small applications of 1.5 sec. to the edges of the(More)
Scintigraphy of salivary glands might appear to be a relatively minor test in the study of the morphology of the salivary glands and especially tumours. However, with recent technical progress, it is an extremely useful test in th study of the function of the principal salivary glands. Changes in salivary secretion in certain severe facial paralyses could(More)