Jean-Pierre Fournier

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This article suggests some theoretical orientations in studying behavioral disturbance from a stress-coping perspective. First, an overview of Lazarus and Folkman's cognitive theory of stress is presented. Secondly, some linkages are proposed between the rating scales used to measure behavioral disturbance and the concepts of this theory. Future research(More)
An impressive LOD score of 6.5 has recently been reported for schizophrenia on chromosome 1q21-22 in large families from eastern Canada [Brzustowicz et al., 2000: Science 288:678-682]. We did not reproduce such a finding in large pedigrees of eastern Québec based on seven markers spanning the 1p13-1q22 region and using both the models and phenotypes of(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate theefficacy of a combined treatment of fluoxetine andcognitive therapy for the treatment of major depressionin HIV-infected patients. Six HIV-seropositive patients with major depression participated inthis study using a multiple-baseline experimental designwith follow-up and direct replications. Results(More)
A three-part study evaluated French cancer patients' acceptance of self-rated quality of life measures, the predictive value of these measures, and the agreement between patient and health provider ratings of patient quality of life. In part one, 93% of 137 patients indicated a willingness to complete the Qualite de la Vie-Questionnaire (QOL-Q) and(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate family perceptions of having a nurse participating in family conferences and to assess the psychologic well being of the same families after ICU discharge. DESIGN Mixed-method design with a qualitative study embedded in a single-center randomized study. SETTING Twelve-bed medical-surgical ICU in a 460-bed tertiary hospital. (More)
This article presents a review of 16 instruments measuring behavioral disturbance of persons with schizophrenia as perceived by their family members. Information about the domain, the types of rating scales, and the psychometric properties of these instruments are provided. Future directions in the study of behavioral disturbance are proposed.
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