Jean-Pierre Flament

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T he Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome (MSS) (MIM 248800) is an autosomal recessive condition characterised by cataracts , ataxia, and growth and mental retardation. Chronic myopathy is a common feature. Peripheral neuropathy and acute rhabdomyolysis have been described occasionally in MSS. To date, no gene for it has been localised. Congenital cataracts-facial(More)
In this work, we investigate the solvation of tetravalent thorium Th(IV) in aqueous solution using classical molecular dynamics simulations at the 10 ns scale and based on polarizable force-field approaches, which treat explicitly the covalent character of the metal-water interaction (and its inherent cooperative character). We have carried out a thorough(More)
One hundred and twenty two visual fields were studied in 98 pseudophakic subjects, using cinetic perimetry according to Goldmann, in order to plot the internal (I1), medium (I2) and peripheral (I4) isopters. Computerized processing of data provided average results, allowing the following conclusions: In general, 20% of the total surface is lost in(More)
Biometric modifications were observed on eyeballs operated upon using the indentation method of Lincoff. The biometric modification of the anteroposterieur axis of the eye was studied by an opticoechographic method. 30 eyeballs with retinal detachment were operated upon using the Lincoff method with silastic implants. The length of the eyeball is not(More)