Jean-Pierre Ebert

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×ØÖÖ BLOCKINØ Mobile communication systems like hand-helds and laptops still suffer from low operation time due to limited battery capacity. We exploit the relative new approach of protocol harmonization to extend the time between battery charges in mobile devices using an IEEE 802.11 network interface. Many known energy saving mechanisms only concentrate(More)
— This study investigates the potential of using transmission power control in wireless packet networks with differing number of hops between source and destination. Here we exploit the benefits of power control in the context of multi-hop wireless ad hoc type networks with a distributed media access control. For our investigations we choose several general(More)
Continuous monitoring and analyzing of vital signs is the key for detecting at an early stage when a patient's state of health changes to the worse, thereby preventing emergency cases, which are harmful to the patient and costly for the health care system. The BASUMA project is concerned with developing an energy-efficient and robust system-on-chip platform(More)
Recent advances in wireless communication technology have opened the way for long-term health monitoring applications. In this paper, we introduce the BASUMA project, which will develop novel biomedical sensors and a wireless communication platform that provides connectivity among these sensors. This enables new, intelligent medical applications. The design(More)
This study investigated how 99 children who were examined for suspected sexual abuse (SSA) perceived their own medical evaluation experiences. Each child was interviewed about the degree of pain and fear associated with the experience, the kindness of the doctor, general fear of doctor visits, and degree of fear associated with a hypothetical second(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient way how protocols modelled in SDL (Specification and Description Language) can be transformed into efficient implementations for resource-constrained wireless sensor nodes. We will show how SDL concepts such as processes, timers, or signals can be mapped to operating system concepts provided by the Reflex operating(More)
We present a hardware/software implementation of the IEEE 802.15.3 MAC protocol. Processing-intensive and time-critical protocol tasks are handled by a protocol accelerator that is integrated on-chip with a 32-bit general-purpose processor in order to achieve a moderate (20–40 MHz) system clock frequency. This enables low-power wireless devices compliant(More)
Widespread concerns about potential health hazards caused by electromagnetic exposure have been raised in many countries. Although there is no ultimate consensus on radiation power levels and their respective impacts on human health, methods are necessary to reduce exposure as much as possible because of the rapid deployment of wireless communications(More)
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