Jean-Pierre Dausse

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This study investigated the importance of the male sex hormone testosterone on salt-induced hypertension, renal alpha(2)-adrenoceptor subtype distribution, and gene expression in salt-sensitive (SBH) male Sabra rats. Comparisons of blood pressure and renal alpha(2)-adrenoceptor subtype gene expression and receptor densities have been made among(More)
This study investigates the incidence of high-salt diet in blood pressures, renal alpha(2)-adrenoceptor subtypes distribution, and gene expression in salt-sensitive (SBH) and salt-resistant (SBN) Sabra rats. Comparisons have been made between SBH and SBN rats submitted to a normal or a high-salt diet for 6 weeks. Only alpha(2)B-adrenoceptors are detected in(More)
Although obesity is associated with a state of leptin resistance, it has been suggested that leptin may contribute to the pathogenesis of obesity-related hypertension. In previous studies, we reported that cafeteria diet feeding induces hyperleptinaemia and hyperinsulinemia in both male and female rats, with hypertension occurring only in male rats.(More)
[3H]-RX 781094 and [3H]-rauwolscine, two potent alpha 2-adrenergic antagonists, were used to characterize alpha 2 receptor in basolateral membranes from rabbit kidney. However, the following findings suggest that the imidazoline [3H]-RX 781094 binds to an heterogeneous population of binding sites: 1) dissociation plot was biphasic with a fast and slow(More)
Although the pathogenesis of the obesity-related hypertension is not fully understood, prevalence of the cardiovascular complications is much higher in obese men than obese women. In a recent study, we reported that male rats fed a cafeteria diet, while becoming obese, developed hypertension and important changes in their renal alpha2-adrenergic receptor(More)
PURPOSE The present study evaluated the expression of alpha1-adrenoceptor subtypes in human corpus cavernosum. MATERIALS AND METHODS The mRNA encoding alpha1a, alpha1b and alpha1d subtypes were assessed by RNA-directed complementary cDNA synthesis followed by Taq DNA amplification. The level of alpha1 mRNA was calculated in arbitrary optical density units(More)
Plasma leptin levels are elevated in obesity suggesting a pathophysiologic role of this hormone in obesity and related disorders, such as hypertension. Furthermore, despite excess leptin levels, leptin satiety action is blunted in obesity suggesting the occurrence of central leptin resistance. As leptin acts on the kidney to induce natriuresis, renal leptin(More)
Sympathetic activity modulates the blood pressure in part by activation of cardiac and renal adrenergic receptors. Thus an alteration of tissue noradrenaline content and/or adrenergic receptors in heart and kidney might be involved in the pathogenesis of hypertension. In order to verify this possibility, we studied tissue noradrenaline content and alpha and(More)
Factors influencing promoter site selection by Escherichia coli RNA polymerase were investigated using T7 DNA as template. The utilization of the three major early promoters A1, A2 and A3, was followed by processing the RNA transcripts with RNAase III, which generates the three corresponding initiator RNA fragments. The three promoters proved to be(More)