Jean-Pierre Crettez

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We propose a color management system for the color facsimile. It consists of protocols for the colorimetric calibration of the scanner and the printer by establishing the relationships between the device-dependent color coordinates and the device-independent CIELAB color space. The scanner calibration is based on 3rd order polynomial regression techniques.(More)
Electronic Imaging may receive several diierent attributions in the domain of ne arts, and more precisely in the domain of paintings. Some of these attributions may appear sometimes connicting. The most developed one is the reproduction of the main masterpieces under compact and universal forms allowing for a broad diiusion and display under many very(More)
The purpose of our study is twofold. First, we propose a methodology for using a computer to assist with the colori-metric analysis of fine art paintings. This analysis provides valuable information about the colours in a painting, their distribution, the techniques used by the artist etc. Then we apply this methodology to a set of paintings from different(More)
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