Jean-Pierre Crettez

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In this chapter we describe a system for the acquisition of multispectral images using a CCD camera with carefully selected optical filters. We further present an application where the acquired multispectral images are used to simulate the image of a scene as it would have appeared under a given illuminant. For this application, the use of multispectral(More)
We propose a color management system for the color facsimile. It consists of protocols for the colorimetric calibration of the scanner and the printer by establishing the relationships between the device-dependent color coordinates and the device-independent CIELAB color space. The scanner calibration is based on 3rd order polynomial regression techniques.(More)
We propose a complete methodology for the control of the color responses of the input/output devices for color facsimile. An initial calibration of both scanner and printer is done offline. The color response of each device is then modelized by 3D non-linear transformations linking their specific RGB/YMC color space with the standard CIELAB color space.(More)
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