Jean Pierre Cocquerez

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A set of particular subgraphs of a valued graph, called cocoons, is introduced. Within the image segmentation framework, the cocoons represent a model of contrasted regions. It is shown that the cocoons are organized into a hierarchy which is a sub-hierarchy of the one produced by the standard clustering algorithm of complete linkage. This result thus(More)
In this paper, we focus on automatic kidneys detection in 2D abdominal computed tomography (CT) images. Identifying abdominal organs is one of the essential steps for visualization and for providing assistance in teaching, clinical training and diagnosis. It is also a key step in medical image retrieval application. However, due to gray levels similarities(More)
A wrapped feature selection process is proposed in the context of robust clustering based on Laplace mixture models. The clustering approach we consider is a generalization of the K-median algorithm. The selection process makes use of the statistical model and recursively deletes features using hypothesis tests. We report simulations and applications to(More)
An image cannot be well segmented by only one segmentation method.. This paper deals with a new paradigm of segmentation, called segmentation tree. This structure explored by a depth first search algorithm allows the application of several operators on the same picture. Another important principle is also presented : the cooperation between high level and(More)