Jean-Pierre Cioni

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A Finite-Volume/Finite-Element method developed in CFD is applied to solve numerically the time-dependent 2D Maxwell system. We use a third-order accurate explicit scheme with triangular meshes. We are particularly concerned here with scattering problems for both homogeneous and non-homogeneous materials. Radar Cross Section calculations are presented and(More)
We present a parallel algorithm based on a deterministic particle method for solving the Boltzmann equation (B.G.K. model). Two test cases are performed : the Sod shock tube and a rareeed gas ow on a at plate. We present performance results on the Connection Machine CM200 and compare them to those obtained on a CRAY-YMP. Nous proposons un algorithme parall(More)
Mots-clé : Electromagnétisme-Equations de Maxwell-Volumes finis-Eléments finis-Sché-mas décentrés. Abstract: This report deals with a comparison between two time-domain finite volume methods which are used to solve the set of Maxwell equations with unstructured meshes. The two formulations mainly differ in the definition of the finite volumes which can be(More)
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