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W e propose the use of robust optimization (RO) as a powerful methodology for multiperiod stochastic operations management problems. In particular, we study a two-echelon multiperiod supply chain problem, known as the retailer-supplier flexible commitment (RSFC) problem with uncertain demand that is only known to reside in some uncertainty set. We adopt a(More)
We present a survey of nondiierentiable optimization problems and methods with special focus on the analytic center cutting plane method. We propose a self-contained convergence analysis, that uses the formalism of the theory of self-concordant functions, but for the main results, we give direct proofs based on the properties of the logarithmic function. We(More)
We analyze the multiple cut generation scheme in the analytic center cutting plane method. We propose an optimal primal and dual updating direction when the cuts are central. The direction is optimal in the sense that it maximizes the product of the new dual slacks and of the new primal variables within the trust regions deened by Dikin's primal and dual(More)
We propose an alternative approach to stochastic programming based on Monte-Carlo sampling and stochastic gradient optimization. The procedure is by essence probabilistic and the computed solution is a random variable. The associated objective value is doubly random, since it depends on two outcomes: the event in the stochastic program and the randomized(More)
In this paper we provide a systematic way to construct the robust counterpart of a nonlinear uncertain inequality that is concave in the uncertain parameters. We use convex analysis (support functions, conjugate functions, Fenchel duality) and conic duality in order to convert the robust counterpart into an explicit and computationally tractable set of(More)
The paper deals with nonlinear multicommodity ow problems with convex costs. A decomposition method is proposed to solve them. The approach applies a potential reduction algorithm to solve the master problem approximately and a column generation technique to deene a sequence of primal linear programming problems. Each subproblem consists of nding a minimum(More)
This paper proposes an implementation of a constrained analytic center cutting plane method to solve nonlinear multicommodity flow problems. The new approach exploits the property that the objective of the Lagrangian dual problem has a smooth component with second order derivatives readily available in closed form. The cutting planes issued from the(More)