Jean-Philippe Rousseau

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We take advantage of nonlinear properties associated with chi(3) tensor elements in BaF2 cubic crystal to improve the temporal contrast of femtosecond laser pulses. The technique presented is based on cross-polarized wave (XPW) generation. We have obtained a transmission efficiency of 10% and 10(-10) contrast with an input pulse in the millijoule range.(More)
We propose a highly efficient scheme for temporal filters devoted to femtosecond pulse contrast enhancement. The filter is based on cross-polarized wave generation with a spatially suger-Gaussian-shaped beam. In a single nonlinear crystal scheme the energy conversion to the cross-polarized pulse can reach 28%. We demonstrate that the process enables a(More)
We demonstrate that a beam of x-ray radiation can be generated by simply focusing a single high-intensity laser pulse into a gas jet. A millimeter-scale laser-produced plasma creates, accelerates, and wiggles an ultrashort and relativistic electron bunch. As they propagate in the ion channel produced in the wake of the laser pulse, the accelerated electrons(More)
We demonstrate that betatron x-ray radiation accurately provides direct imaging of electrons trajectories accelerated in laser wakefields. Experimental far field x-ray beam profiles reveal that electrons can follow similar transverse trajectories with typical excursions of 1.5 microm+/-0.5 microm in the plane of laser polarization and 0.7 microm+/-0.2(More)
Beams of x rays in the kiloelectronvolt energy range have been produced from laser-matter interaction. Here, energetic electrons are accelerated by a laser wakefield, and experience betatron oscillations in an ion channel formed in the wake of the intense femtosecond laser pulse. Experiments using a 50 TW laser (30 fs duration) are described, as well as(More)
Relativistic electrons accelerated by laser wakefields can produce x-ray beams from their motion in plasma termed betatron oscillations. Detailed spectral characterization is presented in which the amplitude of the betatron oscillations r is studied by numerical analysis of electron and x-ray spectra measured simultaneously. We find that r reaches as low as(More)
We present the current development of an injector for a high-contrast, ultrashort laser system devoted to relativistic laser-plasma interaction in the few-cycle regime. The front-end is based on CEP-stabilized Ti:Sa CPA followed by XPW filter designed at the mJ level for temporal cleaning and shortening. Accurate characterization highlights the fidelity of(More)
We present a setup for complete characterization of femtosecond pulses generated by seeded free-electron lasers (FELs) in the extreme-ultraviolet spectral region. Two delayed and spectrally shifted replicas are produced and used for spectral phase interferometry for direct electric field reconstruction (SPIDER). We show that it can be achieved by a simple(More)
We report on a compact energy-scalable device for generating high-fidelity femtosecond laser pulses based on spatial filtering through a hollow-core fiber followed by a nonlinear crystal for cross-polarized wave (XPW) generation. This versatile device is suited for temporal pulse cleaning over a wide range of input energies (from 0.1 to >10 mJ) and is(More)
We present the first carrier-envelope-phase stable chirped-pulse amplifier (CPA) featuring high temporal contrast for relativistic intensity laser-plasma interactions at 1 kHz repetition rate. The laser is based on a double-CPA architecture including cross-polarized wave (XPW) filtering technique and a high-energy grism-based compressor. The 8 mJ, 22 fs(More)