Jean-Philippe Rennard

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Physics, Biology, Economy or Sociology often have to deal with the classical problem of optimization. Economy particularly has become specialist of that field 1. Generally speaking, a large part of mathematical development during the XVIII th century dealt with that topic (remember those always repeated problems where you had to obtain the derivative of a(More)
This text introduces the twin deadlocks of strong artificial life. Conceptualization of life is a deadlock both because of the existence of a continuum between the inert and the living, and because we only know one instance of life. Computationalism is a second deadlock since it remains a matter of faith. Nevertheless, artificial life realizations quickly(More)
There is a wealth of literature about cellular automata, as well as many Internet resources (you'll find some of them in the links section). The aim is here much more limited. This site being devoted to laymen, I will content myself with answering both main questions any person discovering CA often ask, generally after a period of intense perplexity : What(More)
This text provides with an introduction to the modern approach of artificiality and simulation in social sciences. It presents the relationship between complexity and artificiality, before introducing the field of artificial societies which greatly benefited from the computer power fast increase, gifting social sciences with formalization and(More)
367 need to learn to work as part of a team and how to manage other scientists and nonscientists. These are skills not learned at the bench, where teamwork is not the norm and there is no interaction with nonscientists. From the industry’s standpoint, companies are more and more reluctant to hire new PhDs whom they view as lacking relevant education and(More)