Jean-Philippe Lalonde

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Budding of retroviruses from polarized epithelial Madin-Darby canine kidney cells (MDCK) takes place specifically at the basolateral membrane surface. This sorting event is suspected to require a specific signal harbored by the viral envelope glycoprotein and it was previously shown that, as for most basolateral proteins, the intracytoplasmic domain plays a(More)
Hemopoietic lineage switch (Hls) 5 and 7 were originally isolated as genes up-regulated during an erythroid-to-myeloid lineage switch. We have shown previously that Hls7/Mlf1 imposes a monoblastoid phenotype on erythroleukemic cells. Here we show that Hls5 impedes erythroid maturation by restricting proliferation and inhibiting hemoglobin synthesis;(More)
The mammalian neocortex displays significant plastic rearrangement in response to altered sensory input, especially during early postnatal development. It is believed that cyclic AMP-response element-binding (CREB) plays an important role in orchestrating the molecular events that guide neuroplastic change, although the details of its genomic targets during(More)
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