Jean-Philippe Frances

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Photopolymers are optical recording materials appealing for many different applications such as holography, data storage, interconnectors, solar concentrations, or wave-guides fabrication. Recently the capacity of photopolymers to record diffractive optical elements (DOE’s) has been investigated. Different authors have reported proposes to record DOE like(More)
The holographic storage of information is based on the interference of two waves: the reference wave and the object wave, the latter is generated by using a spatial light modulator, and in the case of applications of data storage this corresponds to a binary pattern of one and zeros. The interference pattern is recorded in a photosensitive medium(More)
In riding, most biomechanical studies have focused on the description of the horse locomotion in unridden condition. In this study, we draw the prospect of how the basic principles established in inter-personal coordination by the theory of Coordination Dynamics may provide a conceptual and methodological framework for understanding the horse-rider(More)
Photopolymers are appealing materials for many optical applications. For most of them, shrinkage plays an important role in the final properties of the display, especially in holographic data storage applications. In this paper, we demonstrate that to quantify correctly the shrinkage, it is mandatory to measure the angle of propagation for both diffracted(More)
The aim of this comment is to extend the study of the dynamics of a finite extensibility nonlinear oscillator conducted by Febbo [M. Febbo, A finite extensibility nonlinear oscillator, Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (2011) 6464-6475]. We show that the linearized harmonic balance method is not sufficiently adequate for this oscillator and that the(More)
In a recent paper [A. Yıldırım, Z. Saadatnia, H. Askari, “Application of the Hamiltonian approach to nonlinear oscillators with rational and irrational elastic terms”, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 54 (2011) 697-703] the so-called Hamiltonian approach (HA) was applied to obtain analytical approximate solutions for conservative nonlinear oscillators(More)
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