Jean-Philippe Dubus

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This paper is devoted to preference-based recommendation or configuration in the context of multiagent (or multicriteria) decision making. More precisely, we study the use of decomposable utility functions in the search for Choquet-optimal solutions on combinatorial domains. We consider problems where the alternatives (feasible solutions) are represented as(More)
This paper deals with preference representation on combinatorial domains and preference-based recommendation in the context of multicriteria or multiagent decision making. The alternatives of the decision problem are seen as elements of a product set of attributes and preferences over solutions are represented by generalized additive decomposable (GAI)(More)
This paper deals with Decision-Making in the context of multiattribute utility theory and, more precisely, with the problem of efficiently determining the best alternative w.r.t. an agent’s preferences (choice problem). We assume that alternatives are elements of a product set of attributes and that the agent’s preferences are represented by a generalized(More)
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