Jean Paul Weber

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Organochlorines are persistent lipophilic compounds that accumulate in Inuit people living in circumpolar countries. Organochlorines accumulate as a result of the Inuits' large consumption of sea mammal fat; however, available data are limited to blood lipids, milk fat, and adipose tissue. We report results of organochlorine determination in liver, brain,(More)
Two remote maritime populations were evaluated for their biological exposure to organochlorines in 1989-1990. Because of their high intake of seafood, these two populations have high biological levels. One hundred nine breast milk samples from Inuit women from Arctic Québec were analyzed to determine levels of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs),(More)
The authors conducted a survey during 1992 to evaluate blood levels of lead and mercury in Inuit adults of Nunavik (Arctic Quebec, Canada). Blood samples obtained from 492 participants (209 males and 283 females; mean age = 35 yr) were analyzed for lead and total mercury; mean (geometric) concentrations were 0.42 micromol/l (range = 0.04-2.28 micromol/l)(More)
We searched for the consequences of a maximal static foot inversion sustained until exhaustion on the post-exercise stationary upright standing and the proprioceptive control of the foot muscles. Twelve healthy subjects executed an unilateral maximal static foot inversion during which continuous power spectrum analyses of surface electromyograms of the(More)
A medical cross-sectional examination of a copper smelter work force was undertaken after environmental contamination with lead, cadmium and arsenic had been documented. A total of 920 subjects was examined, including active smelter employees, retired workers and copper mine employees who had never worked in the smelter. Slight to moderate absorption of(More)
Insoles are known to alter plantar loads and thus plantar sensory input. We therefore hypothesised that plantar somatosensory sensation could be modified over time by use of hard metatarsal pads. A sample of 12 healthy female participants was randomly allocated to either soft metatarsal pads (n=6, latex foam, Shore A11) or hard metatarsal pads groups (n =(More)
Formulating the hypothesis that a maximal running exercise could induce fatigue of some foot muscles, we searched for electromyographic (EMG) signs of fatigue in the tibialis anterior (TA), peroneus longus (PL), and gastrocnemius medialis (GM) muscles. We also searched for post-exercise alterations of the stationary upright standing in normal-arched feet(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared the differences in the braking response to vehicle collision between an active human emergency braking (control condition) and cruise control (CC) or adaptive cruise control (ACC). METHODS In 11 male subjects, age 22 to 67 years, we measured the active emergency braking response during manual driving using the accelerator pedal(More)
The six-minute walk test (6MWT) is used to evaluate the ambulatory capacity of patients suffering from respiratory disorders, obesity or neuromuscular diseases. Our primary aim was to evaluate the effects of the 6MWT on the postural sway and the ankle plantar flexion forces in healthy subjects. We measured the ankle plantar flexion forces and the plantar(More)
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