Jean-Paul Van Belle

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This paper explores the factors which influence the use of Open Source Software (OSS) by small and micro enterprises. OSS has been identified as a facilitator for small enterprises in emerging markets to implement an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure at reduced cost. However, its diffusion in South Africa has been rather slow.(More)
Among the various industry sectors, the financial industry in South Africa (SA) has been one of the early adopters of cloud computing (CC) but they have not fully implemented it because of barriers such as security and privacy, governance issues, inadequate cloud service level agreements (SLAs), vendor lock in, poor vendor transparency, inability to assess(More)
Organizations are faced with business environments that rapidly change and are fiercely competitive. Information Technology (IT) can assist the organization to achieve business value, provided it is an enabler. The purpose of this paper is to investigate various business strategy categories, and align those to the various cloud computing options available(More)
There are many challenges for the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). These include issues like reliability, power, connectivity, regulation, cross-border traffic, privacy, security and interoperability challenges. Much of the literature on the IoT focus on these technical and policy factors, and usually in the context of developed countries. This(More)
This study on the use of Information Systems in support of sustainability, known as Green IS, was undertaken in the hope of adding data to the relatively scarce available research into the subject in South Africa. The research question explored whether or not companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange used information systems to support(More)
Today, industry is moving towards adopting an Agile development methodology due to its numerous benefits over other methodologies. There are certain pertinent attributes of this methodology that facilitates towards adoption of Agile at large. Our study focuses on identification of these attributes and establishes a contextual relationship among them. We(More)
Big Data enables organisations to use the large volumes of data generated through different devices and people to increase efficiency and generate more profits. South African retail organisations are already using data to their advantage using loyalty cards, but their capabilities and readiness in using Big Data is not very clear. This paper presents a(More)
This research aims to identify factors which influence an organisation's capability to develop mobile compatible websites and whether this capability translates into the actual production of quality mobile websites. Two novel research instruments were developed: an online questionnaire to measure organisational capability based on a number of relevant(More)
This research paper explores what factors contribute to software developers in South Africa taking part in crowdsourced software development. These factors include motivations as well as challenges and this research takes an in depth look at what incentives affect the different motives to participate in crowdsourcing. To explore these factors, the Motives,(More)
The advancement of smartphone technology and the penetration within the market makes these devices an incredible medium for retailers to engage with their customers. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) extends the capabilities of smartphones even further and thus provides the potential for retailers to offer services to customers based on their location that is(More)
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