Jean -Paul Vallée

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While public policies seek to promote active transportation, there is a lack of information on the social and environmental factors associated with the adoption of active transportation modes. Moreover, despite the consensus on the importance of identifying obesogenic environmental factors, most published studies only take into account residential(More)
Treatment with 100 or 250 μM ZnCl2 irreversibly blocked neurotransmission in the Torpedo electric organ by inhibiting acetylcholine (ACh) release. In Zn2+-treated tissue, release failure did not result from impairment of Ca2+ entry since stimulation still provoked an accumulation of Ca2+. Also pretreatment of isolated synaptosomes with Zn2+ inhibited to the(More)
Background With the poor availability of small animal dedicated MRI, it is of great interest and challenge to use clinical MRI to image and analyze the cardiac function of mice. This would of course be advantageous for translational research and also enable the use of up-to-date sequences already implemented in clinical routine. The aim is to study the time(More)
OBJECTIVES We surveyed the vaccination status of family physicians (FP) in the Loire district (France) in 2010. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A self-administered questionnaire was proposed to a panel of 460 FP; 288 (64%) answered. RESULTS The vaccination coverage for Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio in the previous 10 years, BCG, pertussis, seasonal influenza, A/H1N1(More)
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