Jean-Paul Salvestrini

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We report the growth of high-quality triangular GaN nanomesas, 30-nm thick, on the C-face of 4H-SiC using nano selective area growth (NSAG) with patterned epitaxial graphene grown on SiC as an embedded mask. NSAG alleviates the problems of defective crystals in the heteroepitaxial growth of nitrides, and the high mobility graphene film can readily provide(More)
We report the optical and dielectric properties in hafnium (Hf)-doped lithium niobate (LN) crystals. We investigated samples of congruent composition with various doping concentration varying from 0 to 8 mol%. The clamped and unclamped values of the electrooptic coefficient r22 of Hf-doped LN and the corresponding dielectric permittivity as well, have been(More)
We report improved sensitivity to NO, NO₂ and NH₃ gas with specially-designed AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) that are suitable for operation in the harsh environment of diesel exhaust systems. The gate of the HEMT device is functionalized using a Pt catalyst for gas detection. We found that the performance of the sensors is enhanced at(More)
Nanoselective area growth (NSAG) by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy of high-quality InGaN nanopyramids on GaN-coated ZnO/c-sapphire is reported. Nanopyramids grown on epitaxial low-temperature GaN-on-ZnO are uniform and appear to be single crystalline, as well as free of dislocations and V-pits. They are also indium-rich (with homogeneous 22% indium(More)
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