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This study concerns the detection and localization of weed patches in order to improve the knowledge on weed-crop competition. A remote control aircraft provided with a camera allowed to obtain low cost and repetitive information. Different processings were involved to detect weed patches using spatial then spectral methods. First, a shift of colorimetric(More)
The study of glucose production using amyloglucosidase as a biocatalyst was carried out using high-pressure and thermally gelatinized corn and wheat starches. For corn starch, the measured initial rate of glucose production obtained from thermal gelatinization is faster than that obtained from the two high-pressure treatments, but the equilibrium yield of(More)
Wheat starch suspensions in water (5% dry matter) were subjected to various pressures (0.1-600 MPa) and temperatures (-20 to 96 degrees C) for 15 min. The gelatinization rate was measured after treatment by using microscopic measurements of the loss of birefringence of the granules. This method was previously calibrated by differential scanning calorimetry.(More)
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