Jean-Patrick Gelas

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While an extensive set of research project deals with the saving power problem of electronic devices powered by electric battery, few have interest in large scale distributed systems permanently plugged in the wall socket. However, a rapid study shows that each computer, member of a distributed system platform, consume a substantial quantity of power(More)
Although cloud computing has been transformational to the IT industry, it is built on large data centres that often consume massive amounts of electrical power. Efforts have been made to reduce the energy clouds consume, with certain data centres now approaching a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) factor of 1.08. While this is an incredible mark, it also(More)
The question of energy savings has been a matter of concern since a long time in the mobile distributed systems and battery-constrained systems. However, for large-scale non-mobile distributed systems, which nowadays reach impressive sizes, the energy dimension (electrical consumption) just starts to be taken into account. In this paper, we analyze the(More)
While active networks provide new solutions for the deployment of dynamic services in the network, exposing network processing resources, logistical networking focuses on exposing storage resources inside networks, optimizing the global scheduling of data transport, data storage and computation. In this paper, we show how active and logistical environments(More)
Energy efficiency in large-scale distributed systems has recently emerged as a hot topic. This paper addresses some theoretical and experimental aspects of energy efficiency by putting in perspective some assumptions made in this domain and some observations and analyses. Based on some experimental results and measurements, we revisit and focus on some(More)
There has been an increasing interest in virtualization in the HPC community, as it would allow to easily and efficiently share computing resources between users, and provide a simple solution for checkpointing. However, virtualization raises a number of interesting questions, on performance and overhead, of course, but also on the fairness of the sharing.(More)
Virtualized data centers where several virtual machines (VMs) are hosted per server are becoming more popular due to Cloud Computing. As a consequence of energy efficiency concerns, the exact combination of VMs running on a specific server will most likely change over time. We present experimental results how to use the energy/power consumption logs of a(More)
Targeting mostly application performance, distributed systems have constantly increased in size and computing power of their resources. The power supply requirements of these systems have increased in a similar fashion, which has raised concerns about the energy they consume. This paper presents the Green Grid’5000 approach, a large-scale energy-sensing(More)
The field of active and programmable networks is rapidly expanding. These networks allow users and network designers to easily deploy new services. Active networks must deal with the need of portability for services to be easily implemented in active routers and the need of high performance design to efficiently transport multimedia streams. While most of(More)