Jean-Patrick Baudry

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Model-based clustering consists of fitting a mixture model to data and identifying each cluster with one of its components. Multivariate normal distributions are typically used. The number of clusters is usually determined from the data, often using BIC. In practice, however, individual clusters can be poorly fitted by Gaussian distributions, and in that(More)
Model selection is a general paradigm which includes many statistical problems. One of the most fruitful and popular approaches to carry it out is the minimization of a penalized criterion. Birgé and Massart (2006) have proposed a promising data-driven method to calibrate such criteria whose penalties are known up to a multiplicative factor: the “slope(More)
The Integrated Completed Likelihood (ICL) criterion has been proposed by Biernacki et al. (2000) in the model-based clustering framework to select a relevant number of classes and has been used by statisticians in various application areas. A theoretical study of this criterion is proposed. A contrast related to the clustering objective is introduced: the(More)
Apparition, chez une femme de 42 ans, traitée 21 ans auparavant par radiothérapie à bas voltage pour goître, d'une dysphagie et d'un amaigrissement. Séquelles cutanées cervicales antérieures de cette radiothérapie. A hauteur de celles-ci, mise en évidence par l'examen radiologique et endoscopique d'un néoplasme ulcéro-végétant, correspondant à un(More)
In cluster analysis, it is often useful to interpret the obtained partition with respect to external qualitative variables (defining known partitions) derived from alternative information. An approach is proposed in the model-based clustering context to select a model and a number of clusters in order to get a partition which both provides a good fit with(More)
In the author's view, Plato's myth of the cave is an exact description of the movie theatre. In both there is a constraint to immobility, repetition and a return to a former state--a primary-process throwback to the immobility of the newborn infant and the sleeper. The captive in the cave, the cinema-goer and the sleeper are all-albeit in different(More)
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