Jean P Klein

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All Euro and GBP prices are net-prices subject to local VAT, e.g. in Germany 7% VAT for books and 16% VAT for electronic products. Prices and other details are subject to change without notice. d&p · 009596x Methods and Software Presents practical approaches for the analysis of data from gene expression microarrays. Each chapter describes the conceptual and(More)
Energy dissipation associated with logic operations imposes a fundamental physical limit on computation and is generated by the entropic cost of information erasure, which is a consequence of irreversible logic elements. We show how to encode information in DNA and use DNA amplification to implement a logically reversible gate that comprises a complete set(More)
Although analysis of scoliotic deformity is still studied extensively by means of conventional roentgenograms, computer-assisted digital analysis may allow a faster, more accurate and more complete evaluation of the scoliotic spine. In this study, a new computer-assisted measurement method was evaluated. This method uses digital reconstruction images for(More)
Although the structural changes occurring in the scoliotic spine have been reported as early as the 19th century, the descriptions and biomechanical explanations have not always been complete and consistent. In this study, three-dimensionally rendered CT images of two human skeletons with a scoliotic deformity and two patients with serious scoliosis were(More)
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