Jean-Nicolas Ouellet

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This paper presents a simple linear operator that accurately estimates the position and parameters of ellipse features. Based on the dual conic model, the operator avoids the intermediate stage of precisely extracting individual edge points by exploiting directly the raw gradient information in the neighborhood of an ellipse's boundary. Moreover, under the(More)
We describe an accurate keypoint detector that is stable under viewpoint change. In this paper, keypoints correspond to actual junctions in the image. The principle of ASN differs fundamentally from other keypoint detectors. At each position in the image and before any detection, it systematically estimates the position of a potential junction from the(More)
This paper proposes two indicators for predicting the quality of camera model parameters from a set of input images. The first indicator is based on the acutance. It can quickly indicate static or motion blur during image capture and correlates well with the 3D reconstruction error when using stereo cameras. The second indicator provides the overall(More)
3D interactive modeling from range data aims at simultaneously producing and visualizing the surface model of an object while data is collected. The current research challenge is producing the final result in real-time. Using a recently proposed framework, a surface model is built in a volumetric structure encoding a vector field in the neighborhood of the(More)
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