Jean N Manirarora

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Regulatory T lymphocytes (Tregs) expressing the Foxp3 transcription factor are critical modulators of autoimmunity. Foxp3(+) Tregs may develop in the thymus as a population distinct from conventional Foxp3(-) αβ T cells (Tconvs). Alternatively, plasticity in Foxp3 expression may allow for the interconversion of mature Tregs and Tconvs. We examined >160,000(More)
Naturally occurring regulatory T cells (Tregs) play a pivotal role in the maintenance of self-tolerance due to their intrinsic immunosuppressive activity. Currently, a number of human clinical trials are being conducted to investigate the roles of Tregs in treating various immune-mediated disorders. Traditionally, the suppressive activity of Tregs is(More)
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