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Human mature erythrocytes have been considered as unable to undergo programmed cell death (PCD), due to their lack of mitochondria, nucleus and other organelles, and to the finding that they survive two conditions that induce PCD in vitro in all human nucleated cells, treatment with staurosporine and serum deprivation. Here we report that mature(More)
Human serotransferrin (Tf) presents a microheterogeneity based on the existence of biantennary and triantennary glycans of the N-acetyl-lactosaminic type. By affinity chromatography on a concanavalin A-Sepharose column in well-defined conditions, human serotransferrin isolated from healthy donors was resolved into three carbohydrate molecular variants: Tf-I(More)
In vitro incubation of the oligomannosyl oligosaccharides Man9GlcNAc and Man5GlcNAc with isolated disrupted lysosomes yields different oligosaccharide isomers resulting from mannosidase hydrolysis. These isomers were isolated by HPLC and characterized by 1H-NMR spectroscopy. The first steps of the degradation involve an (alpha 1-2)mannosidase activity and(More)
Human milk lactotransferrin at a concentration ranging from 1 to 10 micrograms/ml stimulated up to 5 times the humoral immune response to sheep red blood cells, expressed as the number of plaque-forming cells, when injected into mice 3 h before immunization. Further, lactotransferrin-treated thymocytes given intravenously into mice, enhanced the immune(More)
Batracian Rana esculenta erythrocytes cell death induced by either calcium influx, or staurosporine, involves typical apoptotic phenotype. Our data reveal: (i) a drastic modification of the cell morphology with loss of the ellipsoidal form as assessed by phase contrast microscopy and scanning electron microscopy; (ii) an exposure of the phosphatidylserine(More)
The substrate specificity of rat liver cytosolic neutral alpha-D-mannosidase was investigated by in vitro incubation with a crude cytosolic fraction of oligomannosyl oligosaccharides Man9GlcNAc, Man7GlcNAc, Man5GlcNAc I and II isomers and Man4GlcNAc having the following structures: Man9GlcNAc, Man(alpha 1-2)Man(alpha 1-3)[Man(alpha 1-2)Man(alpha(More)
Two carbohydrate fractions can be obtained from egg-grown influenza virus after Pronase digestion followed by gel chromatography. One fraction contains glycopeptides (MW ca. 2000--2600) which represent the carbohydrate side chains of the viral glycoproteins. The constituent sugars of this material are fucose, galactose, glucosamine, and mannose, and their(More)
Treatment of dimethyl sulfoxide with butyllithium leads to rapid formation of lithium methylsulfinyl carbanion. The reaction products tend to be significantly freer from impurities when lithium methylsulfinyl carbanion is used rather than sodium or potassium methylsulfinyl carbanion. This reagent gives less background in g.l.c. and thus may be used to(More)