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The efficacy and tolerability of moclobemide (300–600 mg daily) and fluoxetine (20–40 mg daily) were compared in a 6-week, double-blind study of 65 inpatients and 34 outpatients suffering from major depressive episodes (DSM III-R). No statistically significant differences between the two treatment groups were noted regarding efficacy (HDRS, CGI) or safety(More)
A multicenter study compared the antidepressant efficacy and the tolerance of two doses of milnacipran (50 mg and 100 mg/day) and amitriptyline (150 mg/day) in three parallel groups of 45 major depressive inpatients defined by Research Diagnostic Criteria. After a wash-out period of 4–7 days on placebo with lorazepam and/or nitrazepam if necessary, patients(More)
P300 and contingent negative variation (CNV) were recorded in depressive inpatients with and without history of suicide attempt. The results show a significant reduction of both P300 and CNV in patients who had attempted suicide as compared with patients who had not. Moreover, a significant correlation was found between the suicidal risk scale and CNV(More)
Sixty-four nondepressed, carefully selected senile demented inpatients underwent two 1-mg overnight dexamethasone suppression tests (DSTs) separated by 7 days. These patients were in a clinically stable and drug-free state for at least 6 months before testing. The Modified Ischemic Score and ICD-9 criteria for Alzheimer's disease were used to dichotomize(More)
A total of 95 schizophrenic or manic patients received zuclopenthixol (cis(Z)-clopenthixol) either intramuscularly or orally during a period of 2 to 4 weeks in mean daily doses of 25 mg (i.m.) or 75 mg (p.o.). They were rated with the CGI, VAS, MSS, BPRS, and AMDP scales. Zuclopenthixol proved to be a potent antimanic, anti-aggressive and antidelusional(More)
The first part of the present paper concerns the presentation of the AGP-System. The authors formulate several remarks concerning some items of the 6 sheets of the System, and they stress its advantage over other scales in geriatric psychiatry. Nevertheless, the AGP-System is little used. Therefore, the authors consider that the integration into the(More)
The efficacy of i.m. cis(Z)-clopenthixol in aggressive, agitated and delusional patients is well established but it necessitates, as for all other parenteral neuroleptics, several injections daily. Zuclopenthixol acetate is the first injectable neuroleptic characterized simultaneously by a short latency of action (2-3 h) and by a long duration of action(More)
A patient suffering suicidal phobia and resistant to antidepressants as well as electroconvulsive therapy was submitted to Wolpe's systematic desensitization associated with Schult's autogenic training. Ten sessions were sufficient to cure the patient. A follow-up period now extends to one year, without relapse. The concomitent measure of skin galvanic(More)
Research Diagnostic Criteria represent the most widely used system in research in biological psychiatry to select homogenous samples of patients with a defined psychiatric illness. The AMDP system represents the most complete system for documentation and quantification of psychopathology. On the conceptual point of view, it seems possible to use AMDP(More)