Jean-Michel Redoute

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Serotonin 1A (5-HT1A) receptors are involved in several physiological and pathological processes and constitute therefore an important therapeutic target. The recent pharmacological concept of biased agonism asserts that highly selective agonists can preferentially direct receptor signaling to specific intracellular responses, opening the possibility of(More)
This paper presents an interface circuit for capacitive and inductive MEMS biosensors using an oscillator and a charge pump based frequency-to-voltage converter. Frequency modulation using a differential crossed coupled oscillator is adopted to sense capacitive and inductive changes. The frequency-to-voltage converter is designed with a negative feedback(More)
Ambulatory blood pressure monitors based on pulse transit time are limited by the challenge of changing vascular tone. This study focuses on the use of the carotid artery as an alternative location for arterial pulse acquisition. We use continuous wave radio frequency (RF) radar coupled directly to the body to detect the pulse wave signal. We have shown(More)