Jean-Michel Morelle

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A reliable, reproducible method has been developed for the in situ production of decicurie quantities of [13N]ammonia by proton irradiation of pressurized, dilute aqueous solutions of acetic acid and ethanol. Some of the parameters investigated for their effect on the 13N product distribution included dose, dose rate, solute concentration, target body(More)
Since 1998, routine [18F]FDG syntheses are being carried out by alkaline hydrolysis on a solid support, i.e. the labeled intermediate is trapped on a tC18 solid phase extraction cartridge, purified and finally hydrolyzed within the cartridge, at room temperature, using sodium hydroxide. The present study demonstrated that no epimerization of [18F]FDG to(More)
In order to take up the challenge of BAW-based time reference, this paper presents new BAW/Integrated Circuits (IC) co-integration considerations. For the demonstration, a SiP approach is proposed where the Solidly Mounted Resonator (SMR) has been directly flip-chipped on the top of the IC. This 2.5GHz oscillator reaches a −93dBc/Hz phase noise at a(More)
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