Jean-Michel Junod

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The efficacy and safety of 15 mg midazolam versus 15 mg oxazepam were compared in a double-blind clinical trial in 61 aged hospitalized patients (mean age 82.5, range 69 to 96), suffering from moderate to severe insomnia. The study covered 8 nights, i.e., 1 placebo night followed by 5 treatment nights and 2 further placebo nights. Both drugs were equally(More)
The DIOGENE hospital information system has been expanded with a centralized and integrated patient clinical database recording structured patient data. The objective is to provide a standardized framework for the building of future clinical databases and for the integration of existing heterogeneous ones. The combined 'across time view' and 'across(More)
In 29 patients with fractures of the femoral neck (group A) and 22 patients operated on for osteoarthritis of the hip (group) B), plasma levels of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25-OH-D3) were compared with the results of histological bone tests. A third group of 19 patients at the Geriatric hospital served as a control in this age group for 25-OH-D3 values(More)
  • J P Junod
  • 1981
During geriatric treatment, the use of medicaments is often important, sometimes harmful, and seldom sufficient by itself. In order for the treatment to be successful, its indication must be well-founded. The dosage has to be adapted, and restraint and therapeutic discipline should always be encouraged. Finally, the anticipated advantages must be greater(More)