Jean-Michel Jullien

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Bacillus sphaericus was used to control Culex pipiens breeding in a water treatment settling basin near Montpellier, France. Four treatments with 4 liters/ha (3.6 lb/acre) of commercially available B. sphaericus formulation (Vectolex) reduced the larval population of Cx. pipiens with 50-600 spores of B. sphaericus/ml recorded in the treated portions of the(More)
Density-dependent and climatic factors affect reproduction and dynamics of wild ungulates. Parasites can also decrease reproductive success through either a direct abortive effect or a negative impact on host growth and body condition. However, few studies have investigated the effect of parasitism on fecundity of ungulates in natural conditions. We studied(More)
The primary powder R.153.78 of the serotype H.14 of B. thuringiensis has been evaluated in small field plots against larvae of Ae. detritus and Cx. pipiens.. The minimal concentration of the primary powder inducing a complete mortality was 0.1 mg/1 against Ae. detritus and 0,4 mg/1 against Cx. pipiens, corresponding at dosages of respectively about 310-420(More)