Jean-Michel Jullien

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Bacillus sphaericus was used to control Culex pipiens breeding in a water treatment settling basin near Montpellier, France. Four treatments with 4 liters/ha (3.6 lb/acre) of commercially available B. sphaericus formulation (Vectolex) reduced the larval population of Cx. pipiens with 50-600 spores of B. sphaericus/ml recorded in the treated portions of the(More)
Density-dependent and climatic factors affect reproduction and dynamics of wild ungulates. Parasites can also decrease reproductive success through either a direct abortive effect or a negative impact on host growth and body condition. However, few studies have investigated the effect of parasitism on fecundity of ungulates in natural conditions. We studied(More)
Ebstein anomaly is a rare congenital cardiac malformation, representing 0.3 p. 100 of all congenital heart disease. The authors report a case of a child with Ebstein anomaly associated with tetralogy of Fallot, whose father had an apparently simple Ebstein anomaly. The association of Ebstein-Fallot is extremely rare with only 5 previously reported cases in(More)