Jean-Michel Combes

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X iv :m at hph /0 60 50 29 v1 9 M ay 2 00 6 AN OPTIMAL WEGNER ESTIMATE AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE GLOBAL CONTINUITY OF THE INTEGRATED DENSITY OF STATES FOR RANDOM SCHRÖDINGER OPERATORS Jean-Michel Combes 1 Département de Mathématiques Université de Sud, Toulon-Var 83130 La Garde, FRANCE Peter D. Hislop 2 Department of Mathematics University of Kentucky(More)
Network mobility allows nodes to maintain their connections whilst attaching to different access networks. These access networks may be based on different access technologies. The NEMO Basic Support protocol is a generic protocol that can be used in different mobile environments such as bus or train. Yet, access control mechanisms and Authentication,(More)
We consider the edge Hall conductance and show it is invariant under perturbations located in a strip along the edge (decaying perturbations far from the edge are also allowed). This enables us to prove for the edge conductances a general sum rule relating currents due to the presence of two different media located respectively on the left and on the right(More)
We prove some new pointwise-in-energy bounds on the expectations of various spectral shift functions associated with random Schrödinger operators in the continuum having Anderson-type random potentials in both finitevolume and infinite-volume. These estimates are a consequence of our new Wegner estimate for finite-volume random Schrödinger operators [4].(More)
Internet Security is a major goal for both ISPs<sup>1</sup> and their customers but security provisioning has a cost in terms of bandwidth consumption and cryptographic material computation. In a mobility context this security must be set up from scratch after each handover and for each customer. The context transfer mechanism provides an efficient way to(More)
Internet Protocol security (IPsec) is a protocol suite enabling secure IP communications by authentication and/or encryption. Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) mechanism is recommended to configure dynamically IPsec between IP nodes and the authentication of each peer is usually based on either pre-shared keys, X.509 certificates or Extensible(More)
  • Daniel Lenz Chemnitz, Thomas Schick Göttingen, +5 authors Józef Dodziuk
  • 2006
L-spectral invariants play an increasingly important role in the analysis of infinite geometric objects allowing for the action of a group. Typical such objects are covering spaces like Riemannian manifolds and graphs. The aim is to understand the group and the geometry of the object. The associated L-invariants can all be derived from the integrated(More)
We review various formulations of conductivity for one-particle Hamiltonians and relate them to the current-current correlation measure. We prove that the current-current correlation measure for random Schrödinger operators has a density at coincident energies provided the energy lies in a localization regime. The density vanishes at such energies and an(More)