Jean-Michel Cognet

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In two patients full-thickness burns were grafted with cultured autologous epidermis obtained using the technique described by H. Green. The grafts only took partially but produced satisfactory covering. Better efficiency and more information about the long-term characteristics of the resulting skin are necessary before routine use can be recommended.
Postoperative pain was treated by epidural administration of 30 to 50 mg pethidine (5 mg X ml-1) in a group of 36 patients who had undergone retropubic prostatectomy. Surgery was carried out under epidural anaesthesia with lidocaine. Pain was assessed by means of the visual analogue scale. A general study of the effects of injections and reinjections showed(More)
Fifty-two traumatic ruptures of the thoracic aorta were hospitalized between 1972 and 1982, with 46 angiographies. The most significant clinical sign of aortic rupture is the difference in blood pressure between the upper and lower limbs. The frequency of chest film findings is discussed. The aortography by arterial route must be performed at the sligh test(More)
A pharmacological classification of corticoids can be carried out, based on the ratio of their glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid activities. Their large number is due to the fact that they are practically all synthetic, and that minimal modifications in their structure gives rise to new drugs with variable gluco and mineralocorticoid activity.