Jean-Michel Boucheix

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This experiment examines how, high and low mechanical and spatial abilities, learners understand an animation. Two variables were manipulated: the controllability of the animations and the task type of the learners to study the device. The comprehension test results indicated a positive effect of a fully controllable animation and also a positive effect of(More)
In humans as well as other animals, displays of body strength such as power postures or deep masculine voices are associated with prevalence in conflicts of interest and facilitated access to resources. We conduct here an ecological and highly critical test of this hypothesis in a domain that, on first thought, would appear to be shielded from such(More)
Spatial abilities involved in reasoning with diagrams have been assessed using tests supposed to require mental rotation (cube figures of the Vandenberg & Kruse). However, Hegarty (2010) described alternative strategies: Mental rotation is not always used; analytical strategies can be used instead. In this study, we compared three groups of participants in(More)