Jean-Michel Auberlet

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This paper describes a multi-agent coordination mechanism applied to intersection simulation situations. In a goal of urban traffic simulation, we must consider the dynamic interactions between autonomous vehicles. The field of multi-agent systems provides us some studies for such systems, in particular on the coordination mechanisms. Conflicts between(More)
This research was carried out as part of the French national multidisciplinary research project, PREDIT-SARI. Using a driving simulator, it aimed to test the effectiveness of road treatments intended to inform drivers about the risk of losing control on rural roads with "crest vertical curves" (Landis et al., 2004). [Rosey, F., Auberlet, J.M., Bertrand, J.,(More)
Amid concerns for the environment and public health, there has been recently a renewed emphasis on active modes of transportation, i.e. walking and cycling. However, these modes have traditionally received research and practice focus secondary to motorized modes. There is consequently a lack of pedestrian data, in particular microscopic data, to meet the(More)
In everyday life, we can see amazing choreographies of movements of crowds of pedestrians. Pedestrians run into and avoid each other but do not seem to consciously cooperate. In this paper, we track a crowd of pedestrians in a large covered and cluttered area to understand their social behavior. Additionally, we try to analyze the characteristics of crowds(More)
Perception is often seen in multiagent systems and in robotics from a passive point of view. The sensors of the agent collect information on its environment; however the potentially important number of percepts is not realistic and may decrease the agents efficiency. In this article, we introduce a contextual goal-oriented perception filtering. Besides the(More)
Rocio Abascal-Mena Huib Aldewereld Jean-Michel Auberlet Evandro Barros Costa Chris Biemann M. Birna van Riemsdijk Joost Broekens Paul Buitelaar Nicoletta Calzolari Benjamin Camus Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou Kerstin Dautenhahn Grzegorz Dobrowolski Łukasz Faber Gilles Falquet Kobi Gal Pedro Henriques Dirk Heylen Koen Hindriks Zehong Hu Toru Ishida Andrzej(More)