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Software projects embrace variability to increase adaptability and to lower cost; however, others blame variability for increasing complexity and making reasoning about programs more difficult. We carry out a controlled experiment to quantify the impact of variability on debugging of preprocessor-based programs. We measure speed and precision for bug(More)
Blogs have become interesting tools for knowledge generation and sharing. As a matter of fact, the activity on blogs doubles every two hundred days. Numerous applications could make use of this massive daily information in order to find out interesting interpretations. However, the dynamic nature of the blogosphere hinders the manual information extraction(More)
Context. Variability-intensive programs (program families) appear in many application areas and for many reasons today. Different family members, called variants, are derived by switching statically configurable options (features) on and off, while reuse of the common code is maximized. Inquiry. Verification of program families is challenging since the(More)
The Software Product Lines (SPL) has proved very effective in building large-scale software. However, few works seek to adjust the approach of software product line to applications in the context of semantic web. This is because applications in this context assume the use of semantic services and intelligent agents. As a result, it is necessary that there(More)
Blogs are becoming an important social tool. By means of blogs, bloggers share their likes and dislikes, express their opinions, report news and form groups related to some subjects. Thus, the available information on the Blogsphere can certainly helps in the creation of interesting applications in various domains, such as e-learning, e-commerce, and(More)
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