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A new type of analog-to-digital conversion technique is presented in this paper. The interfacing hardware is a very simple nonlinear circuit with 1-bit modulated output. As a implication, behind the hardware simplicity retained is hidden a dreadful nonlinear duty-cycle modulation ratio. However, the overall nonlinear behavior embeds a sufficiently wide(More)
A new type of multi-channel analog-to-digital conversion technique is presented in this research work. It is founded on the use of parallel duty-cycle modulation cells, each of which being used as an independent interfacing circuit with 1-bit modulated output bit per channel. In addition, the set of modulated bits associated to the whole analog inputs, are(More)
The dynamical equations of a power system are usually obtained by applying the laws of electrotechnics and Newton's second law. The authors extend the use of Lagrange's laws, classically used to model mechanical systems, to the derivation of the dynamical model of an autonomous power system. One of the major advantages of the proposed approach is its(More)
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