Jean-Mathias Heraud

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Pixed (Project Integrating eXperience in Distance Learning) is a research project attempting to use learners’ interaction logs gathered as learning episodes to provide contextual help for learners trying to navigate their way through an ontology-based Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS). First, we propose a model to describe a learning session, a way to log(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach based on visualization to support the teacher to observe the students’ activities. After comparing the teaching in classical rooms and in e-learning systems, we present some visualization techniques used in various domains. The paper then focuses on visualization techniques in order to help the teacher to better(More)
The work reported here takes place in the educational domain. We propose an approach based on a learning environment based on a graphical representation of a course: a pedagogical dungeon equipped with the capacity for collaboration in certain activities. The emergence of online multiplayer games led us to apply the following metaphor to these digital work(More)
The work reported here takes place in the educational domain and deals especially with observation of pedagogical activity. User behavior is observed through the raw traces (log files) of their activity from multiple sources. The main point of this paper deals with a very important stage, generally not described: the preparation of an observed experiment by(More)
Our work takes place in the education domain. We provide a web based learning environment for helping the teacher to visualise a virtual classroom and interact with it. This interface uses data collected from traces resulting from the collaborative learning activity. Our approach is based on a multi-agent architecture to collect information through activity(More)
The development of the tools of Business Process Management (BPM) arises from the spread of the notion of process in the management universe. The application of BPM to strategic processes is blocked by the tools’ rigidity. They have difficulty in handling the processes of which the structure is not clearly defined and/or those for which all information is(More)
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