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The VPAC1 receptor for vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) belongs to the class II family of G protein-coupled receptors and is coupled to Gs protein/adenylyl cyclase. We assessed whether 10 different Ser/Thr residues in human VPAC1 receptor intracellular domains play a role in the process of VIP-induced desensitization/internalization by performing a(More)
New products are important elements in the success of most industrial enterprises. But they are risky and costly. In this article, we briefly review methods that are used to evaluate the likely sales level for new industrial products prior to launch. Then, we report the results of a study of industrial product digusion, focusing o n those factors associated(More)
In the fall of 2000, a group in the MIT Mathematics Department began work on a suite of computer applets (“MIT Mathlets”) designed to support basic MIT mathematics education. For a report on this work and a review of relevant literature see Miller and Upton [3]. The current state of this collection, along with supplementary material, can be found at(More)
Distributions of event shape variables obtained from 120600 hadronic Z decays measured with the DELPHI detector are compared to the predictions of QCD based event generators. Values of the strong coupling constant c~ s are derived as a function of the renormalization scale from a quantitative analysis of eight hadronic distributions. The final result, c%(More)
In relation to the industrial need and to the progress of technology, Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE) would like to improve the measurement of its primary pressure standards, spherical and flick standards. The spherical and flick standards are, respectively, used to calibrate the spindle motion error and the probe, which equip(More)
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