Jean-Marie Perrier-Cornet

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We monitored the behavior of plasma membrane (PM) isolated from tobacco cells (BY-2) under hydrostatic pressures up to 3.5kbar at 30 degrees C, by steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy using the newly introduced environment-sensitive probe F2N12S and also Laurdan and di-4-ANEPPDHQ. The consequences of sterol depletion by methyl-beta-cyclodextrin were also(More)
Drying is a common process which is used to preserve food products and technological microorganisms, but which is deleterious for the cells. The aim of this study is to differentiate the effects of drying alone from the effects of the successive and necessary rehydration. Rehydration of dried bacteria is a critical step already studied in starter culture(More)
Etude et caractérisation de l'état « Viable mais Non Cultivable » chez Brettanomyces, une levure d'altération des vins. « Toute certitude est par essence contradictoire avec la philosophie de la recherche. » Remerciements Remerciements Je tiens dans un premier temps à remercier l'ensemble des membres du jury pour leur contribution. Messieurs Sam Dukan et(More)
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