Jean-Marie Marandin

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Subject NP inversion is a very common phenomenon in French. 1 It comes in three varieties, which are not clearly distinguished in the linguistic tradition although they have different properties: (i) inversion in extraction contexts (1); (ii) heavy subject NP inversion (2); (iii) inversion in spatio-temporally dependent clauses, instantiated in three(More)
It is currently assumed that the prosodic realization of utterances is sensitive to the Ground/ Focus articulation. However, the discourse thematic organization also plays a crucial role : in German and English, a specific category of pitch accent does play a role in marking discourse move (see [11] and the analysis of B accents in [5]). In this paper, we(More)
Subject NP inversion in extraction contexts in French raises difficulty for standard phrase structure approaches. We present an analysis which relies both on domain union and lexical types for verbs. This analysis extends to French locative inversion whose properties have never been examined. Having unified the syntax of LI with that of other extractions,(More)
This article addresses the controversial issue of the prosodic marking of Information Focus in French. We report the results of three experiments (one in production two in perception) that support three claims. The first one is empirical. Phrases that resolve a question may be set off by two types of intonational marks in French: they host the nuclear pitch(More)
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