Jean-Marie Gilliot

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In this article, we investigate the usage of context-aware replication in mobile environments. We present the problems that can occur in such situations and show that existing replication techniques are not well adapted to this problem. For achieving this replication aspect, we propose a context-aware replication system that adapts dynamically the data(More)
In the next decades, the growth in population aging will cause important problems to most industrialized countries. To tackle this issue, Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) systems can reinforce the well-being of elderly people, by providing emergency, autonomy enhancement, and comfort services. These services will postpone the need of a medicalized environment(More)
This paper introduces an approach to develop component-based adaptive distributed applications. Our approach separates the communication and the functional aspects of a distributed application and specifies the communication part as an abstract distributed component called the <i>communication component</i>. We then introduce a model-based process for(More)
Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPLs) is an emerging trend that aims at developing dynamically adaptive software products on the basis of Software Product Lines (SPL) techniques. SPL are design time techniques that aim at building families of related products, by making a distinction between a problem space and a solution space. In the former, artifacts(More)
Smartcards are a very interesting means to include our own datas and code in a distributed system, during our interaction with it. To achieve this, smartcards integration must be ensured. A transparent usage of card services is necessary to a more widespread use. This usage should be available remotely within a distributed environment. Additionally other(More)
Nowadays, the lifelong learning is a key issue in our life. Learners have their personal learning data scattered on different platforms and websites without any control on them and without any defined access duration. In this paper, we propose to explore the feasibility of Personal information manager systems in the Open Learner Model context that allows(More)
In the presence of operational context changes, many applications must use dynamic adaptations in order to meet requirements. When an application has a set of distributed objects that collaborates to offer a particular function, adaptations involving simultaneous distributed processes may affect such collaborations, planning distributed adaptations is thus(More)