Jean-Marie Gauthier

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Although the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control (MHLC) scales are commonly used, uncertainty about their factorial validity still remains. In the present study, confirmatory factor analyses of a French-Canadian adaptation of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control scales (MHLC) were conducted to compare in a non-clinical group of 224 adults two(More)
This paper proposes an approach to verify SysML models consistency and to validate the transformation of SysML models to VHDL-AMS code. This approach is based on two main solutions: the use of model-to-model transformation to verify SysML models consistency and writing unit tests to validate model transformations. The translation of SysML models into(More)
This study examined the impact of various school-related factors on adolescents' depressive mood, including prosocial behavior, verbal aggression, and relationships with teachers. The data used in this study were collected in the context of a larger survey on victimization in secondary schools from the French Community of Belgium. Participants were 2896(More)
This study explores the relative contribution of the overall quality of attachment to the mother, to the father and to peers (Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment scales), the style of attachment towards peers (Attachment Questionnaire for Children scale), the social rank variables (submissive behavior and social comparison), and sex and age variables in(More)
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