Jean-Marie Gauthier

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This paper proposes an approach to verify SysML models consistency and to validate the transformation of SysML models to VHDL-AMS code. This approach is based on two main solutions: the use of model-to-model transformation to verify SysML models consistency and writing unit tests to validate model transformations. The translation of SysML models into(More)
This paper presents the context, motivations and perspectives of my PhD research about model-based testing for real-time and embedded systems using SysML. This work is based on an existing model-based approach which has been proposed during the VETESS project. This approach aims to generate tests for embedded systems. In this paper, we identify areas of(More)
In this paper, we propose a SysML model and a Modelica simulation of an air-jet conveyor for micro objects. Indeed, modeling and simulation are part of verification & validation activities, which are important tasks during the conception of a complex system. This article focuses mainly on the modeling and simulation of air-jet nozzles and on their(More)
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