Jean-Marie Fotsing

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Speciation among members of the Anopheles gambiae complex is thought to be promoted by disruptive selection and ecological divergence acting on sets of adaptation genes protected from recombination by polymorphic paracentric chromosomal inversions. However, shared chromosomal polymorphisms between the M and S molecular forms of An. gambiae and insufficient(More)
Ongoing lineage splitting within the African malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae is compatible with ecological speciation, the evolution of reproductive isolation by divergent natural selection acting on two populations exploiting alternative resources. Divergence between two molecular forms (M and S) identified by fixed differences in rDNA, and(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria remains a major health problem in French Guiana, with a mean of 3800 cases each year. A previous study in Camopi, an Amerindian village on the Oyapock River, highlighted the major contribution of environmental features to the incidence of malaria attacks. We propose a method for the objective selection of the best multivariate(More)
This paper contempts optical and radar data complementarity for the characterization and cartography of urban landscapes. Our study site, the city of Caiena, is located in French Guiana (4,56º Latitude North). Complex urban dynamics result in a significant diversity of unstable urban habitats, for which optical remote sensing does bring solutions in terms(More)
The PARAGE project funded by the French ministry of agriculture and fisheries is a two-year pilot study involving private firms (Spot Image and SIGbea) and government agencies (CIRAD and IRD). Under French and European land and resource management regulations (the sustainable agriculture contract, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and EU Framework Water(More)
Cameroon's coast is a great asset for tourism and the economic recovery of Cameroon. There is a recent population surge towards the coast of Cameroon, which calls for attention to the balance between urban areas and natural areas. It is therefore imperative to promote business development and jobs related to the coasts, coastal waterways and shorelines of(More)
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