Jean-Marie Chauvet

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We evaluated concordance of AFLP and RAPD markers for estimating genetic distances of 47 pepper inbred lines belonging to five varietal types. It enabled us to see the efficiency of these markers for identification, estimation of distances between varieties and variety discrimination. Genetic distance and multidimensional scaling results showed a general(More)
Three populations composed of a total of 215 doubled haploid lines and 151 F2 individuals were used to design an intraspecific consensus map of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). The individual maps varied from 685 to 1668 cM with 16 to 20 linkage groups (LGs). The alignment of the three individual maps permitted the arrangement of 12 consensus major linkage(More)
This paper presents a fast implementation to compute the scalar multiplication of elliptic curve points based on a General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) approach. A GPU implementation using Dan Bernstein's Curve25519, an elliptic curve over a 255-bit prime eld complying with the new 128-bit security level, computes the scalar(More)
This research is concerned with the simulation of learning by experience to induce the capability for a knowledge-based system to pre-structure the problem before solving it. The model we present is made of different consecutive modules accounting for the tasks of problem-solving, building a dynamic memory and extracting expectations, and pre-structuring or(More)
In the current controversial context caused by the disclosure of classified details of several top-secret United States and British government mass surveillance programs to the press by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, issues of data privacy, anonymity, unlinkability, forward secrecy and deniability have raised to public prominence. In this work we(More)
Su-Doku, a popular combinatorial puzzle, provides an excellent testbench for heuristic explorations. Several interesting questions arise from its deceptively simple set of rules. How many distinct Su-Doku grids are there? How to find a solution to a Su-Doku puzzle? Is there a unique solution to a given Su-Doku puzzle? What is a good estimation of a puzzle’s(More)
The cluster's policy initiated in France in 2005 was a formidable opportunity to boost innovation in the bioeconomy and to develop innovation platforms allowing industrial demonstration and feasibility at technology readiness level (TRL) from 5 to 9. The IAR Cluster (Industries and Agro-Resources), based in the Hauts-de-France and Grand Est regions is(More)