Jean-Marie Becker

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We propose a compositional model for predicting the reflectance and the transmittance of multilayer specimens composed of layers having possibly distinct refractive indices. The model relies on the laws of geometrical optics and on a description of the multiple reflection-transmission of light between the different layers and interfaces. The highly complex(More)
Many image processing tasks are formulated as a large scale optimization problem: Results ADMM image restoration image segmentation often requires to tune the regularization parameter need fast and reliable optimization methods don't want to also tune the optimization algorithm parameters avoid interplay between regularization & optimization parameter(More)
Tomographic iterative reconstruction methods need a very thorough modeling of data. This point becomes critical when the number of available projections is limited. At the core of this issue is the projector design, i.e., the numerical model relating the representation of the object of interest to the projections on the detector. Voxel driven and ray driven(More)
With the progress of adaptive optics systems, ground-based telescopes acquire images with improved resolutions. However , compensation for atmospheric turbulence is still partial, which leaves good scope for digital restoration techniques to recover fine details in the images. A blind image deblur-ring algorithm for a single long-exposure image is proposed,(More)
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