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Hierarchy in Picture Segmentation: A Stepwise Optimization Approach
A segmentation algorithm based on sequential optimization which produces a hierarchical decomposition of the picture that can be viewed as a tree, where the nodes correspond to picture segments and where links between nodes indicate set inclusions.
Segmentation of textured polarimetric SAR scenes by likelihood approximation
It is shown that image segmentation can be viewed as a likelihood approximation problem and a field-adaptable segmentation strategy combining different criteria is examined.
Fisher Distribution for Texture Modeling of Polarimetric SAR Data
The KummerU-based distribution should provide in many cases a better representation of textured areas than the classic K distribution, and it is shown that the new model can discriminate regions with different texture distribution in a segmentation experiment with synthetic textured PolSAR images.
Hierarchical segmentation of Polarimetric SAR images using heterogeneous clutter models
In this paper, heterogeneous clutter models are introduced to describe Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) data. Based on the Spherically Invariant Random Vectors (SIRV) estimation scheme,
Utilisation of contour criteria in micro-segmentation of SAR images
In a hypothesis testing approach, this work shows how the stepwise merging criterion is derived from the probability model of image regions, and presents three measures based on contour shapes, using the perimeter, the area and the boundary length of segments, combined with the SAR criterion in order to guide correctly the segment merging process.
Mean-shift and hierarchical clustering for textured polarimetric SAR image segmentation/classification
A clustering process is applied over segment mean values and the obtained region groups constitute an important simplification of the image.
Versatile And Efficient Hierarchical Clustering For Picture Segmentation
  • Jean-Marie Beaulieu
  • Computer Science
    10th Annual International Symposium on Geoscience…
  • 20 May 1990
Hierarchical segmentation of polarimetric SAR images
A hierarchical stepwise optimization process is used for polarimetric SAR image segmentation and the proposed criterion is based upon the testing of the equality of covariance matrices of adjacent regions.
Segmentation of textured scenes using polarimetric SARs
It is shown that image segmentation can be viewed as a likelihood approximation problem and the optimum criterion is derived for segmentation of K-distributed textured polarimetric SAR images.
Segmentation Of SAR Imagery Containing Forest Clear Cuts